Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Investment in recycling and green waste management | Green Investments | Forestry Investments | Power Generation

Green investments are a relatively new phenomenon. As people realise that their kids could be inheriting a polluted planet and with climate change a serious risk, green investments are a sensible strategy for the long term. There are many types of green investment.

Forestry Investments

Forestry and timber investments are a great way to get a long term return on your capital. There are many socially responsible forestry and timber companies who offer green investments. Trees are planted using your investment and then you see a return when the trees are harvested. This can take between 10 to 20 years, depending on the forestry investment term, type of tree and plot size. Insurance against fire and storm is usually included. Green investments such as timber are environmentally friendly; they will make your family CO2 neutral.

Power Generation

Green forms of power generation, such as solar, wave and tidal offer a great green investment opportunity. Many power companies offer special investment packages which guarantee that your investment will only be used for green technologies.


Investment in recycling and green waste management technologies are environmentally and sustainable. Energy is saved on by recycling and advanced waste management techniques reduce pollution and require less space for landfill.

There are many ways in which green investments can help you and your family; not only financially but also as a way to secure your children and the planet's long term future.


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